How to Maintain Mushroom House Environment

Home environment that is conducive to the growth of mold fungi is very important. Care home is the perfect mushroom and appropriate provision of much needed space. In addition, the temperature and humidity are also critical factors that must be maintained to ensure that the fungus can produce a good production.

a) Environment

Rooms mushrooms need a clean, orderly and free of bacteria, animal and insect pests. Thus, the mushroom house should be treated with care and proper.

Among the controls carried out to maintain cleanliness in the mushroom house are:

Putting chalk on the shelf

Lime should be sown on the shelves are empty before putting a new bag of mushrooms. This action is intended to kill the bacteria found in the vicinity of shelves and the mushroom house. In addition, the area around the bag rack infected mushrooms will also be placed chalk bag to avoid infection of other fungi.
Placing citronella in a mushroom house

Citronella be placed in a mold used to drive home and kill small insects and other pests found in the vicinity of mushroom houses.

Citronella will be mixed with water and placed in a bottle that had been drilled a little hole. Through this hole, the smell of citronella will be spread around the house whole mushrooms. Bottles will be suspended at the front of each pole shelf mushroom bags.

Mushroom bags are damaged and expired useful life

Bag of mushrooms that span expired, damaged, infected, and problematic to be separated and taken out of the bag for the new media can be brought into the mushroom house to replace the old media bag. It also can prevent bacterial infection from a bag that had been infected.

Provision of suitable space

Space in the mushroom house should be sufficient for management and control of all activities that occur in the mushroom homes of new media such as storage bags, harvesting the mushrooms, water treatment and management of media bags that span has expired.

Mushroom Shelves

Mushroom shelves built and height must have a suitable area for storing luggage mushrooms. In addition, the racks should be placed at the right distance and convenient to control the activities of the new media storage bag, to pick mushrooms cooked and spray water.

For small-scale planting, the distance between the shelves, built at least accommodate an employee to bring a basket and allow plant maintenance activities, can be done easily in a mushroom house.

For large-scale planting, the distance between the rack should allow the harvest work done using a wheelbarrow by the workers who handle the work.

b) The temperature and humidity in the mushroom house

Temperature and humidity are important aspects to be considered in controlling the mushroom house as it is affecting the growth of mold and the mold that would be obtained.

Natural environment such as temperature during the day either on a hot day and the rain is affecting the temperature and moisture in the mushroom house directly.

In addition, the selection of design and materials used to make mushroom houses are also a factor affecting the temperature and humidity in the mushroom house. important because it will affect the growth of fungi and the media itself is resistant bag.

Buildings constructed using concrete

Factors to be affected by humidity and temperature of the heat trapped inside the mushroom house.

In theory, the hot air has a lower density will rise to the top and the cold air into the air in a high density would decrease. This process is called convection process. In addition, the bag of the media will produce heat by splitting spores and reduce the moisture in the mushroom house.

Temperature and humidity are conducive to mold growth

Temperature suitable for mushroom house is at room temperature, between 25-27'c.

Meanwhile, appropriate humidity is between 80-83 percent humidity.

Measuring devices should be placed in temperature and humidity in the mushroom house to find out the actual temperature and relative humidity. It should be placed at an angle of the central mushroom house.

Method of temperature and humidity control

Method of temperature control is done by several ways such as:
  1. Water Pipes Shot
  2. Artificial Rainwater
  3. Fan Air
Spray water pipe

Thus, the first rule of water spray is used to solve this problem. Shot will be done by watering at the end of the media bag and mushroom house floor. This method will reduce the amount of hot air that rise to the top.

Water spray hose will do as much as 5 times in a day, at about 11.00am, 3.00 pm, 5.30pm and 7.00am 12.00PM and on a hot day with the normal temperature 28 º -32 º to maintain the temperature at 25 º -30 º.
On rainy days during the day, a lecture on mushrooms and flowers bag will be reduced, only the floor will be given more water.
  • Techniques of water spraying the right:  
  • Standing in the middle path between the rack holding the hose mushrooms. 
  • Spraying the floor to really wet and damp. 
  • Alternate spray-hose spray into the bag of mushrooms to moisten a little bag of mushrooms. 
  • Avoid spraying too much water in the mold to prevent interest rates from the fresh mushrooms, grow faster and chap. 
  • On hot days, mushroom house should be watered more and on a rainy day, the water is sprayed into the bag of mushrooms should be reduced.

The fan is used to bring in cool air from the hot air out and cool in the mushroom house. The process of convection occurs due to turbulent air from the fan. Some of the cool air will come down, while the hot air will escape through the hole in the roof.

Artificial Rainwater

Artificial rain will be installed during hot weather because of the radiation emitted by the sun will warm the air inside the mushroom house. The water will reduce the radiation to penetrate the roof. The hot air entering the fan will be issued.

The water will reduce the radiation to penetrate the roof. It will cool the roof and reduce the heat in the mushroom house.

In conclusion, the first rule of hose is the main method used to control the temperature and moisture in the mushroom house. Water will be sprayed according to the temperature and humidity in the mushroom house that is constantly changing according to changes in its environment.

The second and third method used if the wall is made with mushroom house bricks and the roof is zinc. He always made a total of 5 times a day or as needed even though the temperature is less than 27oC.

When the outside temperature is above 29oC and above, the second and third methods will be used to retain moisture mushroom house.

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