Mushroom Market Price

There mushroom operators are wondering, what price to sell at? Where to sell? That's a common problem for which was just starting to plant mushrooms, to sell expensive afraid dishonored. So, here are tips for you.

How much to sell? 
  • The market price of RM8 to RM15 per kilo. Need to do research first mushroom prices around your area, if other operators sell RM10/kg you must also sell at the same price. Should not want to drop the price of others. 
  • May sell packaged with plastic sized 7 x 10 x 0.6. Price for 1 pack 100g or 1 packet of 80g, you can sell 5 wrap wrap RM5 RM5 or 6 depending on the weight of each bale.
Where to sell it? 
  • Eat or shop shop tom yam
  • School 
  • Restaurant
  • Supermarkets 
  • Hotel 
  • Grocery wet 
  • Farmer 
  • The night market 
  • Wet Market 
  • Neighbor or your home area

You also need to know the other players around you because if you do not supply enough you can buy them or vice avers so that your customers do not run. Encouraged to make cooperation with other operators in the market and the price that each can find profit in this field.

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